Relevant Data About The Actuator

TYPE Max. Pressure Rotate Angle OperatIng Temp Stroke  1°laps Dla meter*(mm) Ayr Volume() Opening ClosIng Moving Time(sec) (A) OpenIng Closing […]

Sizing of A SIngle-actlng Actuator:

* Published bufferfly valve torque = 100Nm * Operating medium= non-lubricated dry air * Safety factor=100Nm+40%=140Nm * Air supply pressure […]

Control Principle

Control Principle

In order to control the operation of the actuators 1 80° with 90° fail safe position , a system of […]

3-position Pneumatic Actuator

Two types of 3-position pneumatic actuators can be provided, namely 0°-45°-90 °type and 0°-90°-1 80°type respectively. After the air comes […]